A lender explains, “What are the requirements for a construction loan?”

What are the Requirements for a Construction Loan?

April 13, 2019

Clients often ask, “What are the requirements for a construction loan?” We address the question in this article.  Also, we provide useful information about the different types of commercial construction loans.  In addition, we contrast and compare commercial construction loans with residential construction loans.  Finally, we discuss the best way to obtain a commercial construction […]

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FF&E procurement is an essential step in obtaining hotel financing loans

FF&E: Complete Guide to Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Loans

March 24, 2019

Furniture, fixtures and equipment, otherwise known as FF&E, is an important part of most construction and rehab projects.  In this article, we cover: The FF&E Definition Example Lists of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment FF&E Reserve, Accounting, and Depreciation Important Considerations FF&E Loans/Financing How Assets America Can Help What is FF&E? The FF&E definition refers to […]

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A contractor uses a commercial renovation per sq ft calculator

Commercial Remodeling & Building Renovation – Complete Guide

March 21, 2019

A commercial remodeling or building renovation project is both exciting and a bit worrisome.  You might be a business owner looking to expand or modernize your store space.  Alternatively, you might be a developer or investor who sees the enormous potential in renovating tired, run-down or out-of-code properties.  Happily, once you fix them up, you […]

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Multifamily properties and apartment buildings are examples of adaptive reuse in industrial buildings

Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings – 7 Brilliant Examples

March 7, 2019

In this article, you’ll discover innovative ways to repurpose industrial buildings and similar commercial real estate properties.  This is known as the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings. We’ll also give you advice on securing financing for adaptive reuse properties! Adaptive Reuse – A Nod do the Past, A Focus on the Future What Is Adaptive […]

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An expert provides advice, tips, tricks, and secrets for commercial construction lending

Commercial Construction Loans – 7 Tips for First-Time Borrowers

March 5, 2019

Whether you’re breaking new ground or renovating an existing structure, your commercial project will probably need to compete in the market for commercial construction loans.  As a respected commercial construction lender, Assets America® is proud of its record providing commercial construction loans to successful developers.  Along the way, we have helped steer our borrowers away […]

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A commercial loan broker helps a borrower obtain commercial lending

Commercial Mortgage Brokers: The Complete Guide

December 21, 2018

Locating the best mortgage for your commercial property is no easy task. You need to identify loan providers and evaluate each of their offerings. Further, you need to understand what each lender requires in terms of your credit score, net revenues, equity position and so forth. Different lenders have different standards for the various metrics […]

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A commercial general contractor works a multimillion-dollar construction project

Commercial Construction Companies: The Ultimate Guide

December 11, 2018

This Assets America® Guide explains how to find the best commercial construction companies and contractors.  This is an important topic, because there are considerable challenges facing those managing commercial construction projects, from establishing the timeline to setting the budget.  However, no task is more important than selecting a contractor.  Pick the right tone, and you […]

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Commercial construction loans provide funding for beautiful constructions.

5 Signs of a Well-Run Commercial Construction Project

December 7, 2018

Undertaking a commercial construction project is fraught with peril that can lead to spectacular failures, ruined careers and bankruptcy filings.  However, it certainly doesn’t have to and shouldn’t go that way!  You can complete a commercial construction project on time and within budget if you manage it properly.  The telltale signs of an expertly run […]

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c&i loans, commercial hard money lenders

6 Keys to Impress Commercial Lenders

November 23, 2018

The commercial lending industry is peopled with no-nonsense professionals who tend to view loan applications with a certain amount of healthy skepticism.  You won’t receive loan approval unless you can prove its worth the lender’s time, money and risk exposure.  That means you must make the numbers work and you must satisfy the lender’s assessment […]

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