A multifamily investor looks at a townhouse, an apartment complex, and a mixed use property

Multifamily Investing – 50 Expert Tips, Tricks and Hacks

July 28, 2020

Multifamily investing is one of the most lucrative areas of real estate investing. But to make money, you must know what you are doing. First, read the many multifamily investing articles Assets America® has published. These will give you a good idea of what you need to know to start multifamily real estate investing. Even […]

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How To Find Multifamily Properties – Ultimate Guide 2020

July 6, 2020

In good times and bad, multifamily properties with five or more units, aka commercial property, can be an excellent investment. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is how to find multifamily properties. In this article, we’ll explore how to find multifamily properties so that you’ll know where to look. Best Websites to Find Multifamily Properties If you […]

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The Federal Housing Administration provides financing for multifamily properties

FHA Multifamily – Step-By-Step Financing Guide

June 20, 2020

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guarantees multifamily property loans. These are multi-tenant properties with five or more units. The FHA multifamily loan can fund new construction, acquisitions, major repairs, and refinancing. An FHA multifamily loan can also apply to health care facilities, co-ops, elderly housing, […]

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A real estate investor asks, What is a fannie mae multifamily loan?

Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans – The Perfect Introduction

May 19, 2020

Many investors take a keen interest in the multifamily real estate market. Multifamily properties have five or more rental units. The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) is the largest player in the multifamily finance segment. In this article, we’ll introduce the role Fannie Mae plays financing multifamily properties, including the latest guidelines and Fannie […]

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A multifamily management person in front of an apartment building

Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Management (Tips, Companies & More)

March 24, 2020

Landlords find multifamily properties attractive because multiple units provide rental cash flows. Compared to single-family homes, multifamily properties provide a more consistent and larger cash flow. A top decision for landlords is whether to hire a multifamily management company or self-manage the property. Multifamily management is the topic we tackle. In this article, we cover: […]

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A property owner in front of his apartment building with RUBS real estate

RUBS Income in Commercial Real Estate – A Landlord’s Guide

August 13, 2019

A Ratio Utility Billing System (or RUBS) is an important resource for landlords who want to allocate utility costs to their tenants.  In this article, we’ll describe how RUBS income works and weigh its advantages and disadvantages.  Also, we’ll explain how to implement RUBS in your multifamily property and review the ratio utility billing system […]

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Credit repair services and companies give advice for how to raise your credit score

How to Raise Your Credit Score in 30 Days – 20 Smart Ideas

May 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to raise your credit score in 30 days? Obviously, it’s a worthy goal for real estate investors to raise their scores before seeking a loan. Naturally, by performing credit repair, you stand a better chance of getting the funding you want at a good rate. Read on if you would […]

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Becoming a landlord is a step-by-step process

How to Become a Landlord – What Nobody Tells You

April 15, 2019

Becoming a landlord is both an opportunity and a responsibility.  The opportunity is to create a long-term source of monthly income with profitability.  The responsibility is to manage the property properly and professionally.  As with most things in life, there are good and bad points to owning rental property.  We’ll cover those in this article, […]

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Multifamily property ownership is a challenging but rewarding commercial investment

Owning an Apartment Complex – Profitability, Pros & Cons

April 9, 2019

An apartment complex consists of two or more apartment buildings.  Logically, you would expect that running and owning an apartment complex is harder than running a single building.  However, there are certain economies of scale that work to the benefit of apartment complex owners.  Owning an apartment complex pros and cons are somewhat different from […]

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SNDA agreements ensure that leases continue upon landlord bankruptcy

How SNDA Agreements Can Simplify Your Life

April 8, 2019

Commercial real estate transactions require rules to ensure that all parties receive fair treatment.  Some of these rules flow from federal and state laws.  The remainder of the rules result from the contractual arrangements between the parties.  An important part of commercial financing transactions involving leased property is the subordination, non-disturbance, and attornment agreement (the […]

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A rent roll form can be created online, using Excel or Google sheets

Rent Roll – Everything You Need to Know

April 5, 2019

The motivation for purchasing rental real estate is ultimately to collect steady rental income.  Occasionally, you might sell the property to generate a capital gain, but its main job is to generate rental income for the owner.  Therefore, buyers and investors must know clearly and in detail how much rent the property currently generates.  Furthermore, […]

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Owning an apartment building has many pros and cons

Owning an Apartment Building: A Day in the Life

April 2, 2019

There are two basic lifestyles for apartment building owners, depending on how they view their ownership: Owning a Business:  Do you view your apartment building holdings as a business?  That is, do you earn a profit and work at it systematically, regularly and continuously?  If so, it’s your business, even with the help of a […]

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Apartment investing requires real estate loans from a commercial lending broker

Investing in Apartments – Complete Success Guide

March 3, 2019

Investing in apartments is a time-tested method to build net worth and to collect stable rental income. When done properly, apartment investing can generate lucrative returns, making it a wise investment for many commercial investors. Whether you are just starting or desire to continue investing in apartments, you should understand the fundamentals and current trends. […]

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A person explains how to buy an apartment building with no money

Can I Buy an Apartment Building?

March 1, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I buy an apartment building?” Our answer is an emphatic yes!  We have helped many of our clients finance their first multifamily property.  As it turns out, investors with a variety of budgets seek apartment buildings.  Some investors are looking for fix-and-flip properties for capital gains, while others are […]

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The interior of apartment buildings for sale in my area

Multifamily for Sale – Complete Buyer’s Guide

January 30, 2019

The market for multifamily for sale properties is constantly evolving, and 2019 promises new opportunities and challenges.  In this guide, we’ll address how the process of multifamily investing, including finding, evaluating and financing attractive properties.  To start, we recommend you read our article Complete Guide to Multifamily Loans. What Is a Multifamily Property? Commercial multifamily […]

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An expert provides advice, tips, tricks, and secrets for multifamily property financing

Apartment Building Financing – 6 Tips for First-Time Borrowers

January 26, 2019

This Assets America® guide provides advice and tips for those looking for apartment building financing, apartment complex financing or multifamily property financing.  First, it’s easier than you might think to invest in an apartment building or complex.  And, if you’ve ever been involved in rental property, you can handle the construction or purchase of an […]

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A commercial loan broker funds commercial financing and refinancing

How to Work with Commercial Loan Brokers

December 17, 2018

The main reason to use a commercial loan broker like Assets America® is to access an entire network of lenders and commercial funding sources.  As a result, this will save you substantial time in trying to find the lender on your own with the best rates and terms that most closely meet your requirements.  To […]

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C&I Loans, commercial lending

Commercial Loans vs Residential Loans

December 2, 2018

The world of real estate finance consists of residential and commercial loans.  In this article, we’ll consider the similarities and differences between the two.  Assets America® makes commercial real estate loans starting at $5 million.  We can also provide you with all the services you need to handle your next loan high-end, commercial transaction, from […]

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What is a multi family home?

What Is a Multi Family Home?

October 30, 2018

If you are new to real estate investing, you might assume that the answer to the question “What is a multi family home?” is trivial – namely a structure containing two or more homes.  Sure, that’s a good starting point, but it’s also a bit reductive.  Read on to learn about the various types of […]

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Upscale apartment buildings generate passive income

What is Multifamily Financing and How Does it Work?

July 16, 2018

Firstly, real estate is one of the best investments you can make this year.  That isn’t a new discovery, but sometimes the challenge is figuring out the best way to get into the market.  Multifamily property and multifamily financing is the way to get there! Secondly, Whether a seasoned real estate professional or a first […]

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