Mixed use property combines apartments, entertainment, and condominiums

Mixed Use Property – 10 Amazing Benefits

February 23, 2019

Did you know that 2018 saw a rapid increase in mixed use property construction? The trend also shows no signs of slowdown in 2019.  In fact, mixed use development is quickly turning into one of the most favored CRE development types in the U.S.  Thus, the appeal of mixed use property is its ability to […]

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Mixed use development is a hot commercial real estate trends

Successful Mixed-Use Development – 7 Brilliant Ideas

February 10, 2019

To begin with, mixed-use development is constantly evolving to meet the latest challenges of urban and suburban neighborhoods.  Oftentimes, a successful mixed-use property must solve a unique problem that calls for an innovative idea.  This idea should set the property apart.  Especially in urban environments, tenants want to live, work and play locally.  This requires […]

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Mixed use property combines residential and commercial space

8 Considerations to Assess Mixed Use Property for Sale

December 30, 2018

Mixed use property for sale can offer numerous advantages over other commercial income property types.  Mixed use properties boost the vitality of their surrounding neighborhoods and they tend to use space extremely efficiently.  Like all properties, of course, you need to be aware of the various challenges before you purchase a mixed use property.  But […]

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