Best Private Jets – Top 10 Luxury Aircraft in 2020

 January 08, 2020

The start of a new decade can be a favorable time to purchase a new private jet. Indeed, it might be your first aircraft acquisition or an upgrade to an aging jet. In this article, we’ll survey the best private jet to buy from the best private jet companies. Then, we’ll show you how Assets America® can help. In conclusion, we answer some frequently asked questions.

Listings of Best Private Jets

Here are the 10 best private jets for your consideration in 2020. Naturally, there will always be debate about the best private jet to buy. But these candidates from the best private jet companies deserve serious consideration. Indeed, they are the cream of the crop among the world’s best private jets, also known as business jets.

1. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ

  • Description: Known as the Queen of the Sky, this is a private jet version of the 747 commercial airliner. At 5,179 cubic feet, you can customize it any way you want. Note that it includes a full office, dining room and bedroom. Surprisingly, there are 15 licensed completion centers worldwide that let you specify the interior design and options. Therefore, this is our top choice among the best private jets.
  • Cost: $403 million.
  • Specs: Seats 100, range of 8,875 nautical miles (NM), fuel capacity 52,300 pounds, length 229 feet, wingspan 235 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Without a doubt, this is the largest private airliner generally available. At Mach 0.84, it can fly between any two cities on the globe. Of course, you get what you pay for, and this jet is expensive. But it’s a top choice among the world’s best private jets.
  • Famous Owners: Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani
  • Quote:The aircraft is capable of flying between Sydney and New York as well as between London and Adelaide without needing a refueling stop. The weight of the aircraft and the amount of runway needed to operate from (minimum length of 7,500 ft) rules out popular airports such as Teterboro and Van Nuys.

How Assets America® Can Help

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2. Boeing 787-8 BBJ

  • Description: This is a state-of-the-art model featuring generous amounts of carbon composite. To be sure, it is a purpose-built private jet. Clearly, you can specify the interior and fittings any way you like. It also offers 2,400 square feet, enough to hold a master suite with a walk-in closet and California king bed. Additionally, you can order a master bath with heated marble floors and a double-size shower.
  • Cost: $224 million
  • Specs: Seats 25, range of 9,945 NM, fuel capacity 33,340 pounds, length 186 feet, wingspan 197 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Truthfully, you can fly anywhere in the world without having to refuel. Frankly, this jet is pure luxury, although it’s heavy, big, and won’t fit at smaller airports.
  • Famous Owners: UAS International Trip Support
  • Quote:You buy a VVIP aircraft for an opulent and spacious cabin — and the BBJ787 does not disappoint. Cabin noise is minimal, thanks to the vibration insulation in the cabin as well engine chevrons and a new fan-blade design — making the cabin a relaxing and comfortable space. Extensive range is made possible thanks to the aircraft’s fuel efficiency — which also helps reduce operating costs over older, large-cabin VVIP aircraft.” 

3. Bombardier Global 7500

  • Description: Clearly, designed to be one of the finest long-distance personal jets. Indeed, it’s configurable in many ways, including four living spaces, large dining room, theater, and a private bedroom.
  • Cost: $73 million
  • Specs: Seats 19, range of 7,700 NM, fuel capacity 51,503 pounds, length 111 feet, wingspan 104 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Unsurprisingly, the jet is infinitely customizable to your personal tastes.  Indeed, it features advanced fiber optics and satellite linkage that supports video streaming.
  • Famous Owners: Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion, Steven Spielberg
  • Quote:Nose wheel steering is via a tiller mounted on the left side, outboard of the sidestick, and it can turn the nose 82.5 degrees and within a minimum pavement width of 75 feet. While turning on the ground, pilots need to consider 4 feet 2 inches of wing creep as the wingtips grow through an arc that is greater than the wingspan. Each pilot has a permanently mounted tablet holder with USB power, outboard of the panel displays. As an FBW airplane with sidestick controls, the 7500 has a flight deck that is roomy and comfortable. Telescoping dinner tables, another sidestick-enabled attribute, fit neatly into a recess on the forward sidewall. The sidewall also is fitted with a cupholder.

Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500: The Largest Purpose-Built Business Jet in the World – BJT

4. Gulfstream G650ER

  • Description: This is one of the flagship aircraft from Gulfstream (the G700 is now available to order). Impressively, it can fly non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. Importantly, you can order the jet with fine wood veneers, rich leathers, and exotic stonework. Moreover, you can control the cabin with a smartphone app.
  • Cost: $66.5 million.
  • Specs: Seats 19­, range of 7,500 NM, fuel capacity 48,200 pounds, length 100 feet, wingspan 100 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Clearly it has a long range, excellent flight statistics, and a superior cabin.       Alas, the only downside is its cost.
  • Famous Owners: Jeff Bezos, Steve Wynn, Elon Musk.
  • Quote:The ER upgrades do not alter the cabin dimensions or interior of the standard G650. The cabin remains highly luxurious, with the ability to seat up to 19 passengers in a high-density configuration — although eight passengers is a more typical number of passengers for the G650ER. In terms of operating costs, variable costs for the G650ER will average at around $3,662 per hour (assuming fuel prices of $4.17 per gallon). 403 flight hours per year would cost a total of $1.47 million in variable costs. Although this is a large sum of money, it is likely insignificant to anyone who owns a $65 million jet.”

5. Gulfstream G700

  • Description:  This is the new flagship aircraft from Gulfstream, introduced to the public in October 2019. Impressively, it can fly non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. Importantly, you can order the jet with fine wood veneers, rich leathers, and exotic stonework. Moreover, you can control the cabin with a smartphone app. It boasts 10 windows per side, new winglets, and Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines.
  • Cost: $75 million.
  • Specs: Seats 19­, range of 7,500 NM, fuel capacity 49,400 pounds, length 110 feet, wingspan 103 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Clearly has a long range, excellent flight statistics, and a superior cabin.  Alas, the only downside is its cost.
  • Famous Owners: Jeff Bezos, Steve Wynn, Elon Musk.
  • Quote:Gulfstream has already put 14,000 hours of testing on the G700’s systems integration in an “Iron bird” test rig that duplicates the real airplane’s structure and design, and completed engine runs and structural testing in preparation for the airplane’s first flight. The test fleet will include five flight-test airplanes and one fully outfitted production test article. This all goes to show that Gulfstream simply can’t bear to be second best. Full disclosure: I once worked at Gulfstream’s most hated enemy—Bombardier. Back then, I witnessed the gestation and birth of what we felt would be a world-beating design, and a break from what was then Bombardier’s traditional design philosophies. It was the Global Express. And people stood agape at its size and 6,000-nm range.”

Take a Full Tour Through Gulfstream’s New G700 Aircraft

Best Private Jets

6. Dassault Falcon 8X

  • Description: A versatile three-engine jet equally fit for long-range and short-range flights. Indeed, you can choose from more than 30 interior configurations known for their luxury and quietness. Astonishingly, this jet boasts high fuel efficiency, up to 35% better than that of its competitors.
  • Cost: $59.3 million.
  • Specs: Seats 16, range of 6,450 NM, fuel capacity 34,900 pounds, length 80 feet, wingspan 86 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Truthfully, it provides terrific short-field performance for a long-range jet. However, extra costs of its three-engine design may put off some buyers who are satisfied with two engines.
  • Famous Owners: Bill Gates.
  • Quote:Compared to the 7X, the 8X cabin is longer. As well as stretching the fuselage by one meter Dassault’s redesign of the cabin space and lay-outs has saved some extra room as well, giving the 8X a bigger amount of cabin space than the 7X. The cabin itself is typically three separate sections, plus crew rest area and a rear lavatory, although Dassault says that there are more than 30 different cabin layouts available. Some layouts also include a shower.

7. Embraer Lineage 1000E

  • Description: This jet features a lavish, five-section interior, including optional washroom, bedroom, and in-flight entertainment area. Decisively, this plane offers much value for its price point.
  • Cost: $53 million.
  • Specs: Seats 19, range of 4600 NM, fuel capacity 48,217 pounds, length 118 feet, wingspan 94 feet.
  • Important Considerations: Without doubt, it offers many luxury features and efficient operation. Indeed, it costs about $1,000/hour less to operate than competitors. However, its heft and size restricts it from small airports.
  • Famous Owners: Eddie Sotto
  • Quote:You can have separate sleeping, eating, meeting and relaxing zones, and have one zone left over for the kids. While that sounds attractive, most configurations prefer to keep a feeling of open space across the whole cabin, so only cocoon off the bedroom and meeting room. Being a bizliner, the Lineage 1000E has an abundance of luggage space, although the extra range is courtesy of additional fuel tanks. The aircraft does however have access to the rear luggage bay during flight.”

8. Gulfstream G500

  • Description: This a fairly new model at a more affordable price. Moreover, it features customizable cabins with configurable seating to meet your needs. Also, it provides high-speed Internet connectivity lacking from many of its competitors.
  • Cost: $45.5 million
  • Specs: Seats 19, range of 5,200 NM, fuel capacity 28,850 pounds, length 91 feet, wingspan 87 feet.
  • Important Considerations: This model will appeal to buyers who value technological sophistication. Surprisingly, even though it is not the largest Gulfstream, its 14 large windows make it seem roomier. However, you may face a backlog when you order your G500.
  • Famous Owners: Tiger Woods
  • Quote:G500 converts should prepare for an airplane that, while fully automated, really does seem to beg a pilot to test his hand-flying skills. Gulfstream has created an 80,000-pound airplane that’s fun to fly, especially knowing all that automation is waiting in the background to step in just in case.”

9. Embraer Legacy 500

  • Description: This is a midsize, luxury jet best suited for shorter routes. Accordingly, it offers custom interiors with wood veneers, brilliant stonework, fine carpets, and rich leather. Impressively, the cabin is exceptionally roomy for its class, tall enough for standing passengers without a central footwell.      
  • Cost: $20 million.
  • Specs: Seats 12, range of 3,125 NM, fuel capacity 13,050 pounds, length 68 feet, wingspan 63 feet.
  • Important Considerations: It offers excellent short-field performance, needing much less runway than full-sized jets. However, it competes in a crowded market for midsize two-engine jets.
  • Famous Owners: Jackie Chan.
  • Quote:Owning an aircraft is always a risk, more so when it is a new aircraft type using technologies that the airframe has never used before. But Embraer has a strong heritage, having built smaller aircraft, as well as larger airliner types.”

10. Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Description: Doubtlessly a strong entrant in the super-midsize market, with a fresh design, large cabin, and double-club format. Flexibly, you can opt for an aft couch, side-facing seating, and six design themes. Importantly, all materials are high-quality, and you can control the cabin with an app. Therefore, this is our top pick among the 12-seat best private jets.
  • Cost: $27 million.
  • Specs: Seats 12, range of 3,500 NM, fuel capacity 14,500 pounds, length 73 feet, wingspan 67 feet.
  • Important Considerations: This jet offers a comfortable, quiet cabin and low operating costs. Frankly, it is neither the fastest jet in its class nor the one with the longest range.
  • Famous Owners: Adam Johnson, NetJets Chairman and CEO.
  • Quote:The cabin altitude in the Longitude is just 5,950ft whilst flying at its maximum ceiling. A low cabin pressure reduces the impact of jet lag and keeps passengers feeling refreshed. Cessna also claims that the Longitude has the quietest cabin within the super-midsize market, making travelling a more enjoyable experience. A full fuel payload of 1,600lb allows for plenty of luggage to be carried.” 

Bonus: Pilatus PC-24

  • Description: This is a two-engine, low-wing, light jet with moderate wing sweep, exposed wheels, and straight trailing edge. Indeed, it features a pallet-sized cargo door, specialized interior colors, hardwood cabinets, and soft leathers.
  • Cost: $10.7 million.
  • Specs: Seats 8, range of 1,800 NM, fuel capacity 5,965 pounds, length 55 feet, wingspan 60 feet.
  • Important Considerations: This jet can land on short runways and uneven surfaces. However, backlogs may delay delivery of your jet.
  • Famous Owners: N/A
  • Quote:The Pilatus PC-24 is very spacious for a light jet, with a cabin measuring 501 cubic ft and 51 cubic ft of baggage space. However, the partition which separates the passenger cabin and baggage compartment is easily removable to increase the amount of cargo for each flight. Being such a versatile aircraft, it can be quickly reconfigured to carry six to eight passengers in an executive layout or up to 10 passengers in a commuter layout, with a large cargo door fitted as standard.”

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Private Jets

What’s the most expensive private jet in the world?

The Airbus 380 costs about $500 million, but to our knowledge, only one exists as a private jet. Conversely, at $403 million, the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ is the most expensive jet generally available to the public. There is no shortage of choices among the most expensive best private jets.

What’s the fastest private jet in the world?

The Cessna Citation X is the world’s fastest private jet. Specifically, it can reach a top speed of Mach 0.925 (709.8 mph), coming close to breaking the sound barrier. Number Two is the Boeing 787-8 BBJ, with a top speed of Mach 0.85 (652 mph).

What’s the top-selling luxury business jet?

The top-selling intercontinental business jet is the Gulfstream 500/550. If you want a smaller jet, the best-seller is the Cessna Citation, followed by models from Gulfstream and Bombardier.

What’s the best private jet company?

Frankly, it’s a matter of opinion, but we like Gulfstream Aircraft as the best private jet company. Gulfstream models are extremely popular, with many different models currently in production. Clearly, these jets are top performers, though they are fairly pricey. But remember, you get what you pay for! 

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