How Much Does a Yacht Cost? | Ultimate Breakdown Guide

October 14, 2019

Yachts and superyachts are symbols of success. They appeal to wealthy individuals but are also extremely useful business assets. In this article, we’ll explore how much does a yacht cost. Also, we’ll answer how much does a superyacht cost and how much does a mega yacht cost. Then we’ll identify additional yacht costs such as […]

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Rent Abatement – Everything You Need to Know

October 8, 2019

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. For instance, rent abatement (RA) can potentially cost a landlord (or its insurer) some money, but it facilitates a long-term stream of rental payments. In this article, we’ll explore what is rent abatement and provide a rent abatement definition. Next, we’ll show you a sample rent […]

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Leasehold Estates – Ultimate Guide + Financing

October 6, 2019

You don’t have to purchase property to occupy it! Instead, you can enter into a leasehold estate (LE), of which there are several types. In this article, we’ll answer the question of what is a leasehold estate, starting with a leasehold estate definition. Then, we’ll compare freehold estates vs leasehold estates and discuss what the […]

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Planned Unit Development (PUD) – Guide + Financing from $20M

October 3, 2019

Real estate developers often have grand plans, and what is grander than a planned unit development (PUD)? In this article, we’ll answer the question: “What is a planned unit development?” First, we’ll provide a planned unit development definition, and compare planned unit developments vs condos and co-ops. Next, we’ll discuss investing in PUDs, planned unit […]

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Certificate of Occupancy – Everything You Need to Know

September 29, 2019

When you purchase or construct a property, whether residential or commercial, you’ll eventually need a certificate of occupancy (CO). In this article, we’ll explore what is a certificate of occupancy and how to obtain a certificate of occupancy. Then, we’ll review certificate of occupancy requirements, including those for a temporary certificate of occupancy. Additionally, we’ll […]

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Estoppel Certificate in Real Estate – Ultimate Guide

A lease memorializes in writing an agreement between a landlord and a tenant. Sometimes, property purchasers or lenders need to verify that the tenant actually observes the terms of the lease. Fortunately, an estoppel certificate (EC) provides this kind of verification. In this article, we’ll ask and discuss, what is an estoppel certificate, starting with […]

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Helicopter Leasing – Complete Guide + Financing from $10 Million

September 25, 2019

Assets America® continues its series of articles about helicopters with this one focusing on helicopter leasing. First, we’ll describe how it works, and the differences between a straight lease and a sale leaseback structure. Next we’ll review several popular helicopters and answer some frequently asked questions. Finally, we’ll discuss helicopter leasing companies and how Assets […]

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Ultimate Guide to Helicopter Financing + Loans from $10 Million

September 24, 2019

There are so many reasons to own or lease your own helicopter. One of the biggest questions to answer when acquiring a helicopter is “How does helicopter financing work?”. In fact, you should understand financing for both helicopter purchasing and helicopter leasing. Therefore, this article will drill down on helicopter financing, including the role of […]

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PDP Financing: Complete Guide to Pre-Delivery Payment Loans

September 17, 2019

What is PDP Financing? The aviation industry and its customers use a variety of financing methods to pay for the manufacture and/or purchase of aircraft. In a previous blog, we explored the use of sale leaseback arrangements for aircraft that already exist. PDP financing, an aviation acronym standing for Pre-Delivery Payment, is financing involving lenders, […]

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How Much Does a Helicopter Cost? | Ultimate Breakdown Guide

September 16, 2019

Are you in the market for a corporate helicopter, private helicopter, or luxury helicopter? Then you’ll want to know “How much does a helicopter cost?” In this article, we’ll answer the question, “How much does a helicopter cost?” in terms of price and upkeep. Next, we’ll touch on how to finance a helicopter and four […]

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Sale Leaseback – Everything You Need to Know

September 11, 2019

Companies can choose several ways to finance an asset. One of the more creative ways is a sale leaseback transaction. In this article, we’ll explain “What is a leaseback?” and provide an example. Explicitly, we’ll concentrate on the sale leaseback of aircraft and yachts (maritime vessels). Furthermore, we’ll evaluate the pros and cons of a […]

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How Much Does a Private Jet Cost? | Ultimate Breakdown Guide

September 4, 2019

Call it a private jet, a business jet, or a luxury jet. All these terms apply to a jet you own or lease. Primarily, the reason to own a private jet is to be able to fly when and where you want. That is, you don’t have to worry about airline schedules, long lines, or […]

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Build to Suit Leases – Ultimate Guide

August 16, 2019

Build to suit (BTS) is a solution for businesses who want to occupy purpose-built property without owning it. In this article, we’ll define a build to suit lease and explore the provisions of a build to suit agreement. Also, we’ll cover the new build to suit accounting rules adopted in 2016. Then, we’ll review BTS […]

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RevPAR Guide | Calculator + 7 Smart Ways To Maximize Revenue

August 1, 2019

One of the challenges facing hotel owners is how to extract the maximum income from their properties. Naturally, owners rely on timely data to measure how well they are doing. Accordingly, owners turn to a standard set of metrics to quantify revenue and expense ratios. Therefore, this article will describe one of the most important, […]

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Commercial Sublease Agreements

July 28, 2019

Subleasing is almost inevitable, and as the landlord of a commercial property, you must prepare for this possibility. Therefore, in this article we’ll explain how subleasing works, and how you must legally protect your interests and your assets.  Furthermore, we’ll discuss special considerations for a commercial sublease agreement in Texas, and a commercial sublease agreement […]

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Joint Venture Agreement – Complete Guide for Huge Success

July 24, 2019

No discussion of real estate deals would be complete without a full review of the joint venture agreement (JVA). In fact, a real estate joint venture is one of the most popular modes for developing new projects. Accordingly, in this article on joint venture real estate deals, we’ll examine the real estate joint venture agreement. […]

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A chart analyzes a borrower’s improved credit score according to the 5 c’s of credit

The 5 C’s of Credit – Ultimate Borrower’s Guide

July 22, 2019

Short Summary of the 5 C’s of Credit Are you interested in getting a loan to finance the purchase or construction of commercial real estate? Then you’ll need to understand the 5 c’s of credit. Indeed, they are equally important for other types of loans, both business and personal. In this article, we’ll describe the […]

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A an office building with a Class A rating

Building Classes (A, B, C) – Everything You Need to Know

July 4, 2019

When someone refers to “primo office space” or a “roach-infested dungeon,” what do they mean, precisely? It is the job of building classifications to distinguish the quality of different properties. Commonly, we use building classifications in conjunction with office buildings. However, you can use them for retail, industrial, hotel and apartment properties, among others. The […]

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Overhead view of Tampa commercial real estate, including retail buildings and hotels

Commercial Real Estate (Tampa) | Ultimate Investor’s Guide

June 23, 2019

Commercial real estate in Tampa, Florida’s third largest city, is an important CRE market. Notably, Tampa is a densely populated city on Florida’s west coast, home to more than 4 million residents. Besides Tampa itself, close-by cities include Largo, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Holiday and Clearwater. In fact, the Tampa metro area is in […]

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Bird’s-eye-view of Austin commercial real estate with hotels and properties under construction

Commercial Real Estate Austin | Ultimate Investor’s Guide

June 15, 2019

In the first place, Austin, Texas, the 11th most populous U.S. city, is a magnet for business.  Moreover, it has one of the country’s highest growth rates as the population approaches one million. U.S. News and World Report ranks Austin as the best place to live in America in 2019.  In like manner, the city’s […]

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