Obtain an industrial area loan from a commercial lender near me

Industrial Areas: Step-By-Step Financing Guide

February 27, 2019

An industrial area, also known as an industrial park, solves industrial development problems.  It can provide facilities for research, development, manufacturing and distribution of materials and products.  In addition to plants, laboratories and warehouses, an industrial area can also have offices, employee facilities, and heavy, development infrastructure.  In this guide, we’ll address the process of […]

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Commercial storage units, great investment opportunity

AAI Guide to Commercial Storage Units

January 7, 2019

This Assets America® Guide to Commercial Storage Units discusses important features about the business of buying, building and financing commercial storage units and business storage units.  For many real estate investors, commercial storage units provide a compelling proposition for low-cost, low-risk revenue streams that are relatively immune to the business cycle.  With the right management […]

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